Jago App is a digital bank specifically designed to enable users to manage their finances seamlessly for savings and other daily activities. Being a cloud-based platform, Jago is deemed to be the first true digital bank in Indonesia and is expected to be optimized for collaboration with digital ecosystem players from various business sectors. DK designs the entire UI/UX of Jago App and builds it using Dart/Flutter, NodeJs, Event-driven architecture, Micro-services and many others. We are also building data capability to enable Jago App to give its users insights for better financial decisions.

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PX is an employee engagement platform, built through user research to help translate HR procedures into interactive features and insights that help users make better decision making. PX provides a variety of innovative and creative features such as employee mood meter, digital contract signing, manpower planning dashboard and many more! DK designs the entire PX UI/UX and builds it using Flutter and Node.js, with adopting Serverless Architecture and other Google Cloud services to foster innovation and to ship features faster.

*PX is currently not available to the public.

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